Product Introduction

Nuetraction Nucleic Acid Purification System adopts magnetic particle technology for bead-based nucleic acid purification procedures from multiple sample materials, such as whole blood, tissue, cells and etc.
This instrument was designed with ingenious structure, UV-contamination control and heating functions, big touch screen for easy operation. It’s a powerful tool for clinical genetic inspection and subject research in molecular biology laboratories.

Product Features

  1. Standardization and stable result
    Industrial grade control system ensures stable 7 x 24 hours working. Software has built-in standard nucleic acid purification programs. Users also can freely edit programs by their requirements. The automatic and standard operation ensures stable results without artificial error.

2.Full automation and high throughput
With automatic purification procedure, this instrument can process up to 96 samples by one run, which is 12-15 times faster than manual procedure.

3.High-profile and Intellective
Equipped with industrial touch screen, UV lamp, block temperature control system, this instrument makes easier operation, safer experiment, more sufficient lysing and better result. Internet of things” module is optional, which reaches remote administration of this instrument.

  1. Anti-contamination to be safe
    Intelligent operation system strictly controls contamination between wells. The disposable plastic tube for extraction and UV lamp is used to minimize contamination between different batches.