LabTurbo™ AIO SP-qPCR

Complete automation of molecular testing integrating DNA/RNA extraction,
liquid-handling, and multi-channel real-time PCR. Achieve high quality
multiplex gene detection with fast turnaround time, high throughput
processing, and outstanding sensitivity.



  • High quality, high sensitivity molecular testing: 100% accurate detection rate of COVID-19 confirmed by QCMD blind test
  • Fast turnaround time: finish 6 detections in 1.5 hours, 48 detections in 2 hours, 48 detections/ hour under continuous loading mode
  • Fast and simple system prep: simply load samples and plastic consumables in less than 10 minutes and its ready to go
  • Break through the limit with full automation: spend less time, less effort, and bypass the high technical human resource requirement
  • Additional values: up to 5 target multiplex qPCR for fast multi-target detection with less PCR wells. Save reagent, increase throughput, boost overall profit